Web2Energy - Project Interim Report

EU commission in Brussels


In 2011, after a year of intensive work in Brussels Web2Energy's team announced that all duties planned for 2010 were fulfilled. This was announced to the representatives of the EU and the reviewers from Great Britain and Romania. The following results were presented:

End of Working Package 1 – Data, Customers, Strategy
In the first phase all conditions for the upcoming installations of the smart meters and the remote terminal units (RTUs) in the various locations and the control centre were developed to establish the three pillars of smart distribution.

These are the results:
Network automation
Until now, after a disturbance in the network and subsequent supply interruption, staff had to check in sequence all short circuit indicators in the local terminals to determine the source of the fault. Then the needed switch operations were executed. All these procedures are very time intensive and cost as a rule 1-2 h. Now this procedure is automated in the Web2Energy-project for a part of the 20 kV network by remote control. Supply recovery can be achieved in seconds.

Smart Metering

To show how consumers can obtain simple, easily understood information as to whether energy is inexpensive or expensive, compared to the day after, a bonus system was developed and a special consumer web portal. In the first phase the participants receive daily information on the Internet, by email or via mobile phone, alerting them when it would be cheaper to use energy the next day and to use washing machines, for example, and times when it would be advantageous to save energy. A traffic light system clearly illustrates the daily periods: Red = energy saving - green = energy consumption is beneficial. In the second phase, participants also receive, in addition to the red-and-green phases, bills that present the tariffs for energy. On this base a bonus system is establish to influence the consumer's behavior. The better one household adapts its consumption behavior to the traffic light colors, the higher the bonus.

woman-using-laptop-431x300jung-smart-house-02countdown traffic light 1

Language, technology and data
The whole system architecture of the communication between all participants was created in the first year. In addition to the functions and processes of the virtual power station and the network automation, communications between the installed devices were defined. (Read more)

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