UTInnovation offers public and in-house training courses in many different areas for you to choose from. We offer courses in Smart Grids technology, Power System Protection, IEC 61850, Substation Automation, Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Maintenance and Testing.

Our team of experts offers you a comprehensive package that will enable you and your staff to implement and use new ways to improve your business.

Training courses can be provided in various languages such as English, Spanish, Dutch and German. We are highly flexible in accommodating the required training in order to fulfill your company’s needs.

In-house training

Are general trainings too generic?

Do you want to train your staff in specific areas or on specific topics?

Do you want to train a larger group of people?

Then the UTInnovation in house seminars are the solution for you!
UTInnovation provides in house training courses for the advanced management and automation of power systems. These in house training courses may consist of already prepared modules or we can custom build a training course together with you, allowing you to choose from a large range of topics. Presentations on specific topics can be complemented with hands-on elements where the participants are invited to gain practical experiences through exercises.

If you provide us your requirements, we will configure the training course according to your specific needs and your preferred duration. We can cover many different areas such as:
- Management and automation of the power system – basics
- IEC 61850 basics
- Substation automation and protection
- Power generation
- Communication between field devices and system level
- System level applications (IEC 61968 / 61970 series)
- Communication and SCADA aspects and protocol implementations
- Products and projects