Migration strategies

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could start from scratch every now and then? Reality is however that the power industry has a history that spans decades and involves multiple generations of solutions and equipment. So when we plan to integrate new technologies and solutions into a grid a migration strategy is one of the first things required. UTInnovation has extensive experience with defining such migration strategies based on the knowledge of its team with practical implementations currently in use as well as the latest trends and possibilities related to technologies.

The next step is the definition of an implementation strategy. This strategy not only describes the different scenarios that are to be taken into account during the implementation of the new technology or solution, but also the order and the steps within these scenarios are to be implemented. A very important aspect of the strategy is the organizational impact and how the organization shall be enabled to manage the new technology. Of course the implementation strategy contains an investment plan and a time schedule.

Through migration and implementation strategies UTInnovation provides a service that allows you to manage the risk associated with the introduction of new technologies while facilitating the change process and efficiency of your organization.