Smart Grid Seminar: Putting the Pieces Together

UTInnovation held a 2-day Smart Grid seminar ‘Putting the Pieces Together’ on 17-18 May 2011 in Arnhem-The Netherlands. The seminar featured 12 speakers who discussed different areas of putting the smart grid puzzle together. It was a successful seminar with interesting presentations and discussions.  

Mr. Marco Janssen kicked the seminar off by explaining the Smart Grid Definitions, Concepts and Approaches. Mr. Maarten van Riet then continued with Practical Implementation of Smart Ideas followed by Smart Grid Initiatives - The USA Perspective presented by Mr. Erich Gunther; Revitalizing the Network by Mr. Bas Kruimer; Smart Grid Initiatives in Denmark by Mr. Henrik Riis; Telecommunication Technologies for Smart Grids by Mrs. Nadine Berezak-Lazarus; The Web2Energy project by Mr. Edwin Melenhorst and Smart Grids and Asset Management by Mr. Darije Nikolic. On day 2, System Integration in Substations was presented by Mr. Mladen Perkov; Testing for Smart Grids by Mr. Marijn Flohil; Advanced Measurements in Transmission and Distribution by Mr. Phil Moore; Smart Metering Impact on Smart Grids by Mr. Erich Gunther; The Amsterdam Smart City by Mr. Leo Paulissen and Experiences with Phasor Measurement presented by Mr. Bas Kruimer. There were 40 participants in total from 7 countries. 

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