Our company

UTInnovation is a consulting firm for the power industry. The services and training we provide are focused on the implementation of practical solutions in various areas. We are the company for IEC 61850 "Communication networks and systems for power utility automation" and all its related topics. In addition we provide services in the areas of Smart Grid, Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Power Protection and Control.

Our strategic alliances and offices worldwide provide customers with access to high quality and specialized resources. For details regarding the strengths of the UTInnovation partners please visit their respective websites. UTInnovation offers cost effective solutions, maximizing the benefits from the opportunities provided by modern technologies. Our solutions are supported by our experts that possess in-depth knowledge in engineering, system integration and supporting tools.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible solutions in the power industry and to inform our customers of the innovative solutions available to them and how to apply these solutions cost effectively.

Our goal is to be the number one consulting firm for utilities around the world.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a trusted, reliable and world leading consulting firm for the power industry, which delivers value to customers, employees and communities.

Our values

Our values define who we are and how we relate to our customers and partners. The way we deliver our services are based on our values


We strive to provide the knowledge required for our customers to master new technologies and solutions.


We empower our customers by transferring our knowledge and experience in order to enable the customer’s capabilities to develop, design, implement, operate and maintain their future solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

It is our goal to create consistent value to our customers. We are dedicated to understanding the expectations of our customers and strive to meet and exceed these expectations to ensure customer satisfaction.


We aim to deliver what we promise, open and honest in all our dealings with clients, partners, regulators and the communities in which we operate.

Team work

In our business it is essential to work as a team and because of this our company encourages teamwork and works cooperatively across countries, alliances and networks combining knowledge to empower and address business opportunities and solve utility challenges.


Our company is dedicated to constantly improving customer performance by offering innovative solutions. We focus on continuous learning and improvement that drives our company forward.


Our people

The key asset of any consulting company is the quality of its people, and their commitment, flexibility and efficiency. The knowledge and experience of our people is how we guarantee the quality of our solutions.  For UTInnovation having the best people therefore is the key to expertise, commitment and experience.

UTInnovation, through its founders and worldwide network of partners, connects you with cutting edge expertise in different areas of the power industry. The commitment, enthusiasm and dynamics of the UTInnovation team provide the basis for satisfied customers. Therefore we strive to provide exciting and comfortable working conditions to the members of our team.

We have talented and diversified people who are friendly, passionate and ready to help. Our people believe in our values and are keen on continuous improvement and caring for your needs as our customer or partner. They are motivated by solving customer problems and creating innovative solutions.