Working at Utinnovation

UTInnovation is a consulting firm for the electric power industry providing services to utilities around the world. We currently are looking for energetic people that want to work in a suitable and comfortable work environment and help strengthen our team to drive our company forward.

Why UTInnovation?
  •  We offer the opportunity for individuals to express their ideas and a platform to   perform     according to their capabilities
  •  We support individual career developments through training & knowledge development
  •  UTInnovation is growing fast and would like you to grow with us
  •  UTInnovation is equal employment opportunities company
  •  We offer attractive compensation packages

Currently we are offering various positions in the field of consulting, marketing and support. We are pursuing highly motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial mind that are capable of helping UTInnovation get to the next level in the world market.


If you wish to apply for a job, there are various ways to apply



You can apply to UTInnovation advertised jobs online or by email, providing a cover letter, resume and personal requirements


Open Applications

You may also submit an open application if the position you are searching for is not advertised. We will contact you as soon as a position becomes available.


Students and Graduates

If you are a student or a graduate and interested in a career at UTInnovation, please go to the section of Students/Graduates for the necessary information.